King Bed with DreamTek Snap-On Sleep System Reviews

Anyone with children will no doubt be familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. One porridge was too hot, one too cold and the third just right. One chair was too big and hard.

One chair was too soft and the third the right size and comfortable. And when it came to the beds, one bed was too large and hard, one too soft but the third was just right.

Goldilocks to my knowledge was acting on her own accord so only had herself to please.

The reason I mentioned Goldilocks is that we all have different tastes and preferences. In other words we are all different. Different sizes, different builds, with different tolerances to heat and cold. Some people are naturally insulated against the cold whilst others feel a chill at the slightest draft.

Add to this the ever changing seasons we all go through, spring, summer, fall and winter and if you sleep in the same bed as your partner then if you are not identical in build and identically receptive to heat and cold you will quite naturally have different levels of warmth requirement and comfort under your duvet you share.

What might be ideal for one is downright cold still for the other or in the height of summer one partner can feel quite snug and toasty warm whilst the other is heating up like a furnace, desperately sticking one leg out of the side of the bed in order to keep their body temperature down.

DreamTek Luxurious Down Comforter All Season Capable w/Smart Snap System A Summer Light Weight + Winter Option by Doubling Up Hypoallergenic Machine Washable Duvet Tabs King Size California XL Insert

There comes a time in the home as the seasons change when the summer bedding takes over from the winter bedding. The spring and fall seasons can vary from year to year. But the time comes when a decision has to be made when to change the duvet from a summer to a winter one and again from winter to summer.

Imagine one partner still feeling the cold of winter whilst the other half is basking in the warmth of an early summer. One or neither is guaranteed a comfortable nights sleep if they have to compromise over the thickness of the duvet they have to share at night.

How wonderful it would be if there was a solution so that each could have just the right amount of insulation and warmth at night.

A practical solution would be for one partner to place a folded blanket or an extra comforter or duvet over them, so that the other half just has the current duvet.

But we all know come the morning all the bedding can be twisted, in a heap or has slid off in the night and laying in a crumpled pile on the floor waiting to trip us up as we stumble out of bed.

About The Product

The DreamTek comforter/duvet solves this problem quite neatly. Designed with the Smart Snap System, that is unique in the marketplace, the DreamTek is your solution for both SUMMER and WINTER And for couples with that age old problem, where one prefers more warmth than the other. Maybe DreamTek is your answer


  • 100% Sateen Pre-washed Long Staple Cotton 395 Thread Count.
  • Made in USA or Imported.
  • The DreamTek is Filled with Thoroughly Cleaned Hypo-Allergenic 600+ Fill  Power Euro Down responsibly sourced.
  • New Improved Fabric (August 2018) A Softer Quieter White Down-Proof  (leak free) Shell - uses a durable double stitching sewn-through box   construction which prevents clumping of down together with a long   lasting  self piping trim .
  • Easy Maintenance at home with your washer and Dryer...No Need for Dry Cleaners.
  • Smart snap system allows you to attach a 2nd identical comforter to create  a two layer warmer winter weight providing all-season year round versatility.
  • Smart snap system also allows either half (left or right side) of a King or a Queen to become a double layered winter warmth, by attaching a Twin, while the other half remains a single summer layer to accommodate both a  hot and a cold sleeper under one comforter.

You Have Options

DreamTek could also be your solution for changing duvets when summer gives way to winter. DreamTek is a true light weight Summer Down Comforter on its own, but by purchasing another DreamTek, the 2 comforters will snap together to create your 2 layer WINTER COMFORTER !! The air in between also acts as an extra insulating layer thus enhancing the warmth in the winter months.

Mix and match layers for each person.

Sometimes you might need that little bit more extra thickness of duvet in bed than your partner. No problem, by purchasing an additional Twin Duvet from DreakTek you can attach it to your side of the bed over your King or Queen DreamTek Duvet using their unique snap on system so it is secure and won't slide off in the night.

No more of your partner grabbing and hogging the duvet leaving you out in the cold. You each have your own desirable level of thickness on your side of t the bed giving you
your optimal level of comfort.

Snap on a Twin Over a King or Queen

If you have a large bed with a King sized duvet, by purchasing an additional Twin duvet you can " snap " it onto one half of the KING providing an extra layer for that particular partner who might feel the cold more than their other half. Half of the KING will become a 2 layer winter weight, while the other 1/2 of the King remains a single layer summer weight. Two different sleep temperatures under the one duvet in effect.

If you have a QUEEN sized duvet again by purchasing an additional TWIN you can once again "snap" it onto the Queen giving one partner a winter weight duvet whilst the other partner retains the "summer weight" duvet.

In this case there will be an overhang of 19 inches by the TWIN snap on duvet so you will require a KING sized duvet cover to enclose this combination of duvets

Duvet Covers Required for All Combinations

Just to make it clear. Here are the sizes of duvet covers you will need for each combination. A Single KING DUVET or a KING DUVET snapped over another KING will require a KING sized Duvet Cover. A Single QUEEN DUVET or a QUEEN DUVET snapped over another QUEEN will require a QUEEN sized Duvet Cover

However If you go ahead and purchase an additional TWIN Duvet to snap onto a KING or a QUEEN. The resultant width in either case will require a KING sized Duvet Cover even though you might have a Queen Sized duvet to begin with. This is due to the overhang  ( 19 inches ) on the double Duvet side.

New Redesigned Fabric Shell

The fabric shell of the duvet is a lustrous silky soft sateen weave that is soft and quiet while still light weight and down-proof. It has a 395 thread count which is very good and uses 100% single-ply extra long staple cotton ensuring the longest strongest finest cotton fibers in the world.

This leads to exceptional durability. You can clean the duvet in your own washing machine so there is no need to take it to a dry cleaners saving you time and money.

The duvet is filled with Hypo-Allergenic down, this allows the materials to breath so that clammy summer nights are a thing of the past. Some cheaper alternative duvets whilst still pretty good use a man made polyesterfiber fill that are also heavier in weight. The DreamTek uses real luxurious down that is responsibly sourced. The DreamTek is probably one of the lightest yet warmest duvets around.

Comforter Dimensions

 Duvet Type


 Weight of Down Fill


   63" x 94"  California XL

 10 oz.


 88" x 94"  California XL

14 oz.


106" x 94"  California XL

17 oz.

This is not the cheapest duvet around so is it worth the money and is it worth paying for a 2nd and possibly 3rd duvet to achieve maximum versatility.


  • Box stitching to prevent clumping
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • 100% cotton breathable shell.
  • Unique Snap On Feature to add additional duvets


  • 3 duvets needed for max. versatility

Should you be lucky enough to live in a modern air conditioned home where you can control the temperature then you may well be okay with buying just the one duvet for all year round. No need to buy a second one for Winter use although if one partner particularly feels the cold then it may be worthwhile buying the Twin Duvet to snap on their side.

What Others Say

The reviews on Amazon are particularly good with most giving maximum ratings. One user however reported some problems with their asthma saying the shell let through bits of feathers.  However  since this comment the fabric shell of the DreamTek Duvet has been changed and now uses the sateen soft weave with a high thread count to contain the filling securely. And the box stitching  ensures no clumping and reduces  the movement of feathers inside.

If you like a heavy duvet or comforter then this probably isn't for you, it is one of the lightest duvets around whilst ensuring maximum heat retention. Another purchaser whilst still giving five stars said at first the snap-on little knobs were somewhat annoying but due to the warmth the duvet possessed this slight annoyance was quickly forgotten. It has achieved consistently high ratings on Amazon with the vast majority of purchases highly delighted.

Final Verdict

The price may be outside a lot of peoples budget even if you purchase just the one summer duvet. If you go ahead and purchase a second to snap on for winter thickness then obviously that will impact your budget still further. If one partner then needs more warmth than the single summer duvet thickness can provide that will mean purchasing a third TWIN duvet to snap on to achieve maximum versatility for this system. Something to consider. 

You may be better off purchasing several cheaper duvets although they might not have a snap on capability like the DreamTek nor be down filled. Maybe the much cheaper Utopia Bedding Queen Duvet although this has a polyester fiberfill insert.

All in all an ingenious way to ensure the right thickness of duvet not only over the changing seasons but also if one partner has a higher warmth need at night.

We like it

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